Charges-Payment Methods

How can I pay for the products I ordered?

You can pay for your order with 4 ways:

  1. By Credit Card (Recommended)
  2. By deposit in a Bank Account of the company ZAKOMA SA
  3. Cash on delivery
  4. In the stores of K. Malamidis

You can deposit the money for your orders in one of  following accounts of Cava K. Malamidis (ZAKOMA SA Company). The exact amount that includes the shipping costs, you will be informed according to your order method.

If you order through the website of Cava K. Malamidis, then the exact amount is displayed at the end of your charges.
If you order by any other method, you will be informed by our partner who assisted you in submitting your order.

The Number Accounts of Cava K. Malamidis (ZAKOMA SA Companies) are the following:

Bank accounts:
IBAN: GR52 0140 7020 7020 0232 0002 611

IBAN: GR95 0172 2390 0052 3901 0769 672

IBAN: GR38 0260 3260 0001 9020 0427 981

IBAN: GR18 0110 8780 0000 8784 7022 636

ATTENTION: Your order will start to be prepared as soon as the money appears in one of the above accounts

For those who prefer the more traditional payment method, the products come through the drivers of Kava K. Malamidis or the courier and you pay the price at the time of receipt. This method has an additional cost for orders (which, however, is stated when submitting your order and is included in the final total amount), given the collection fee charged by courier companies. In case you choose this method, your order will start to be prepared only after we contact you by phone. Therefore, immediately after your order, you must be available to confirm your order by phone.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but it is impossible to certify the identity of the customer in any other way.